The Riot Squad/Police Reserve Unit “Ang Chia” Wicker shields similar to the ones used by Riot Squad/Reserve Unit Riot Squad/Reserve Unit With Wicker Shields Night Soil Van – Famously Refered To As Van With 36-Doors   … Read More

iEXTORTION IN CHINATOWN – CIVILIAN & POLICE ACTION TO GET RID OF BAD HATS (Background : The late Mr.Tong Seng Mun(TSM) aka Tong Chye Yew  was the father of the writer. He operated a  medicated oil … Read More

In the 1970’s there were a number of gambling dens in Chinatown. One of these was on the 3nd storey of a shophouse at No.7, Trengganu Street which was about 3 minutes walk from Chop Wah … Read More

Johnny the much feared midget of a dog   Johnny, a mixed-breed dog was the regular play-mate of Margaret, our pet tigress. Somehow the two got along very well. They used to have a roaring good … Read More

The Perfect Crime In the 1960’s/70’s, South Bridge Road was the favourite shopping haven of well-heeled Chinese tai-tai’s, kept concubines and others who were  looking for the finest gold and jewellery,  high -fashion shoes from Hong … Read More