No-Win Situation For The Weather-God

  • No-Win Situation For The Weather God

No-Win Situation For The Weather-God

In these days of world-wide climate change and unpredictability of the weather, I would like to relate an incident involving a few persons in Chinatown who were discussing what was the best time of the  day for it to rain. The group comprised :

-Ah Heong – a daily-paid construction site worker, who was paid only if he had started work before in rains;

-Ah Cheong – a blue-collar worker who worked in a shipyard;

-Ah Seng – a Chinatown shopkeeper;

-Ah Wai – a  Chinatown newspaper vendor who delivered newspapers to homes in Chinatown and Kampong Bahru area;

-Mothball Hawker 臭丸仔 – operated a stall in the Chinatown night market selling mothball .


Ah Heong said “ The best time to rain is in the morning after 8am, after I have started work for the day. I will be paid my wages for the day and I can laze around without working as the construction site will be too wet for any work to be done”.

Ah Cheong disagreed. “If it rains around 8.30am, I will be caught in the rain as I go to work. It is certainly not a good time to rain. Better that it rains around 10am” after I have reached my shipyard.

Ah Seng said “ You are lousy fellows. Don’t care about me. If it rains after 10am, nobody will come to Chinatown to shop. I will have no business. No. No. Evening is better for everybody. Say 6 -7 pm. After everyone has  returned home from work and school. It will also be cooler for the family to have dinner“.

Mothball Hawker 臭丸仔: “ I disagree totally. If it rains in the evening, I will have no business. The rain will wet my mothballs. Terrible, Terrible.”

Suddenly an idea seemed to strike four of them concurrently. They  exclaimed together:   “ Yes! Yes! Yes ! The best time to rain is in the early morning hours say 3am to 4am. Everybody will be asleep. So nice to sleep”.

The four of them stood up and were about to congratulate each other for a bright idea and reaching a consensus.  Suddenly, Ah Wai, the newspaper vendor, banged his fist on the table. The group was caught by his unexpected outburst. “ You fellows, call yourselves my friends. No bloody good.  Your uncle here  has to cycle in the dark of the night to  collect  Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin  Chew Jit Poh at Robinson Road  to  distribute to various households in Chinatown and Kampong Bahru. If it rains, it will be very cold and wet. Makes my life so difficult.  Is that what you wish for a friend ?”


It looked like there was never a best time for it to rain. The Weather-God will be blamed by different groups of people for different reasons. A no-win situation for the Weather-God.


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