Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

A treat for the senses. Our Aromatic and Therapeutic products soothe your muscles, joints and tired nerves. . Bring quick relief for various aches and pains and bodily discomfort.

bee apitherapy

Shake Hand Brand Honey Bee Apitherapy (握手商標峰療)

Excellent for muscle & joint pain. Promotes collagen formation & blood circulation. Inhibits melanin formation.


Shake Hand Brand Singapore Gold Lion Analgesic Oil (握手商標新加坡金獅子油)

For relief of pain in lumbago, sciatica, bodily aches & pains, stiff muscles, cramps & sprains.


Shake Hand Brand Gu Ci Jing (新加破握手商標強力骨刺精)

This product gives  a warm sensation when applied. Its  deep penetrative action will effectively soothes away any joint pain and muscular stiffness fast.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Eucalypthol Balm (握手商標華安駆風鎮痛膏)

A Cold  Soothing Rub : An Effective Balm for fast  relief of all painful conditions especially of the neck/shoulder, itchiness and insect bites.



Shake Hand Brand Wah On Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil (新加坡華安握手商標老風活絡油)

A Versatile Aches & Pains Relieving Oil. Double Action (雙重功能)


Shake Hand Brand Qian Li Carminative Oil (新加坡握手商標千里追風油

A very hot and potent oil for severe joint and knee pain.


Conquer All Demons Qian Li Carminative Analgesic Balm (克鬼千里追風止痛膏)

A Hot Hot Rub For Aches & Pains.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Medicated Oil ( 握手商標華安驅風油)

Aromatic & Refreshing -Invigorating & Soothing- Effective Relief For Stuffy Nose, Headache, Giddiness, Insect Bite etc.


SMTong's Pepo Embrocation Oil (八寶百花油)

Keeps You Cool & Alert -Recommended  For Travel & Motion Sickness.


Skin Series

Protect and repair your skin with our Skin series products. Traditional solutions for a wide range of skin conditions.



Traditional Remedies Series

Our products  have withstood the test of time and each has a huge following of  loyal users from across generations. Read on to find out which product suits you best.