Tobacco Leaves Recovered From Cigarette Butts Reovered Tobacco Leaves Rolled Into New Sticks Of Cigarette In the 1960’s/1970’s and earlier, Chinatown was very densely populated and many residents were poor and unemployed. Cigarette smoking was a … Read More

Not Actual Portrait ( Representation Only) Swanky Cars Which Children Bought Shortly After Patriarch’s Passing. Good Vehicle Which Doubled As Family Transport Vehicle. In the 1960’s/70’s, a Chinatown businessman started off life selling Chinese pastry and … Read More

When our shop, Chop Wah On was at No. 7, Smith Street, there used to an old lady who collected old card board  boxes from the streets in Chinatown to earn a living. Come rain or … Read More

The Riot Squad/Police Reserve Unit “Ang Chia” Wicker shields similar to the ones used by Riot Squad/Reserve Unit Riot Squad/Reserve Unit With Wicker Shields Night Soil Van – Famously Refered To As Van With 36-Doors   … Read More

iEXTORTION IN CHINATOWN – CIVILIAN & POLICE ACTION TO GET RID OF BAD HATS (Background : The late Mr.Tong Seng Mun(TSM) aka Tong Chye Yew  was the father of the writer. He operated a  medicated oil … Read More