Common Ingredients Used In Medicated Oils & Balms – A Brief Commentary

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Common Ingredients Used In Medicated Oils & Balms – A Brief Commentary

Menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate are common ingredients used in most medicated oils and balms which are sold in the market. Each item has its uses and benefits. The lay consumer may be surprised to find out that inspite of using similar common ingredients, different brands of medicated oils and balms smell differently and have different efficacies. Why is this so ? A simple explanation would be to look at the analogy of a dish cooked with the same ingredients by a novice cook and an experienced cook. The final dish will taste, look and smell differently.

What’s the secret ? It boils down skill and experience. When to add which ingredient, how to process it, when to add, , how to mix , quality and purity of the ingredients  etc all matter. Addition of “side condiments” as enhancers, carriers,  catalysts, use of heat etc  are small differences which make for the big difference.

At Chop Wah On, these skills and experience are closely kept family secrets  gathered from the past 105 years of practice and R&D,  which no money can buy.  We believe the same is true for the established brands of medicated oils and balms. Meanwhile, there will always be many “johnny-come-lately ” novices  trying  to penetrate the market with their inferior products.


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