Illegal Cooked Dog Meat Stall & Chinatown Dog Nappers


Illegal Cooked Dog Meat Stalls & Dog Nappers Of Chinatown


In the 1970/80’s there were two stalls in Chinatown which sold cooked dog meat and illicit samsu. They did brisk business. How did they get their supply of dogs to slaughter for dog meat ? Picking up strays roaming the streets was one source. But these stray dogs  were usually mangy and scrawny. The preferred source was well-looked-after pet dogs . Meat from these pet dogs was usually more tender and had a better texture.

How was a dog napper able to steal the pet dogs to supply the cooked dog meat stalls on a regular basis? Here was  his modus operandi:

The dog napper will find a bitch that was ‘in heat’ and have it slaughtered. He will cut out its female genitals/vulva to dry. The dried vulva will continue to emit female sex pheromones to attract male dogs. The dog napper will dangle the dried vulva on a wire in front of any male dog he came across. Attracted by the female sex pheromone,the dog will follow the dog napper expecting to meet a bitch to mate. Once out of sight of the pet owner, the dog napper will chain the dog and bring it to the cooked dog meat stall to sell  it to the operator

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