Johnny, the much feared midget of a dog


Johnny the much feared midget of a dog


Johnny, a mixed-breed dog was the regular play-mate of Margaret, our pet tigress. Somehow the two got along very well. They used to have a roaring good time, playing with each other in the shop.  Johnny  was much smaller than the typical mongrels which roamed around  in Chinatown – standing at no taller than a foot (30 cm) and less than 1.5 ft t (45 cm) long.

Yet, for some strange reasons, all the  other mongrels were in awe of Johnny. Often they either scurried  past our shop at No. 67, Pagoda Street or had their tails between their legs when confronted by Johnny.

We guessed that it could be the tiger smell that Johnny emitted that instilled fear in the other dogs. . The tiger smell  was  rubbed off from Margaret when the two were at play. After all, animals rely on their sense of smell for survival. The other dogs probably got a strong message from Johnny’s smell- “I have a very powerful friend. Don’t play play.”

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