Lunar New Year Greeting Messages 对联 -An Unintended “Off” Outcome

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Lunar New Year Greeting Messages 对联 – An Unintended ‘Off” Outcome

During Lunar New Year it is a very common practice for every  Chinese family to stick Lunar New Year messages 对联 on  their doors to express their wish/aspiration  for the year ahead.

A relative Ah Keong,  had a new neighbour who just moved in. The neighbour put up a  pair of greeting messages 对联 which read : “ 生意兴隆, 货与轮转. “ The greeting message meant : “Let Business Be Booming & Let The Inventory/Stocks Turn Fast Like A  Wheel/ie. fast turnover of stocks).  As the neighbour was business man Ah Keong  thought it was a very appropriate message/aspiration 对联.

Much to Ah Keong’s horror, he soon found out the new neighbour was an undertaker/coffin seller. Clearly if an undertaker/coffin seller’s business is booming and his stocks/inventory are turning around like a wheel, it means more people are dying.

Ah Keong pleaded with his neighbour to change the 对联to something more innocuous. Unfortunately his neighbour did not agree.

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