“My Two Hands Cannot Work Fast Enough to Feed The 4-Legs” – 高佬叉烧云吞面


“My Two Hands Cannot Work Fast Enough to Feed The 4-Legs” – 高佬叉烧云吞面

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Race Horse Betting - Tall Man's "Opium/Financial Haemorrhage "


Wanton Noodles & Beef Brisket Noodles - Tall Man's Super Products

“Tall man” or 高佬 had his stall along Trengganu Street in Chinatown for many years since the 1960’s. He operated it together with his wife and daughter. His noodles was special in that it  had  just the  right  QQ springiness which customers loved as he made the noodles himself.  His home-made  cha sao /叉烧 was always done just right. Not too lean. Not too fatty. And it had that fragrant crispy texture. His yun tun/云吞had fresh  minced pork, fresh prawn meat and was freshly made. Another excellent item was his Nam Yu beef brisket/南乳 noodle. The beef had that” melt- in- the- mouth and hard to describe tangy taro-like flavour. Smothered over “Tall Man’s” super noodle, it was simply – “ Yummy! “.

Business was roaring from start to finish every day without fail. Everyday, every thing was sold out. Tall man openly admitted he made good money from his noodle business. But, he was a race-horse gambling addict. He betted heavily on every race day. Lady luck was certainly not his  friend. Every time he lost heavily.

He often lamented in despair “ My two hands cannot work fast enough to feed the four-legs (of race horses)”. He and his wife often quarrelled over his gambling losses.


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