Paranormal Activities In A Chinatown Shophouse

80 Temple Street

No. 30 Temple Street, Chinatown

Paranormal Activities In Chinatown Shophouse

In the 1960’s, there was a fire at No. 30 Temple Street. Six persons were said to have died in the fire. The 3-storey shophouse used to house a tin-smith shop on the first storey (ground floor) , a number of families on the second storey and an opium and gambling den on the third storey. The entire shophouse was completely gutted.
After a few years, the Government rebuilt the 3-storey shophouse and leased it out by tender. The tenant on the first storey was Chinatown Classic Pte Ltd., which was very popular for its Chinese New Year traditional dresses and qipao. Its managing director was Mr. Jimmy Khoo. On the second storey was a firm of professional structural engineers.
According to Jimmy, not long after they moved in, they seemed to experience some paranormal activities. Was it imagination ? Was it the history of the property which caused these imagination ? Was it real ? No one was sure. To err on the side of caution, Jimmy and his upstairs neighbour  hired the services of a Taoist monk to do some chanting and prayer to appease the spirits in the property, if any. After the prayer and chanting session, the paranormal activities appeared to subside. Is it that the session managed to appease the spirits ? Or, was it just that the session set the occupants’ minds at ease, so they stopped imagining?
When their leases expired, both Jimmy and his neighbour relocated to another shophouse in Smith Street.

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