Preying On Unsuspecting Believers


Laughing Buddha Statue


Preying On Unsuspecting Believers


In the 1960’s, I was told by an uncle how his friends and he exposed a temple medium and his gang who were using electro-magnetism to prey on believers.

A temple in Pasir Panjang was drawing huge crowds of believers who went there to pray for good luck and seek 4-D numbers which could let them strike the first prize. In the temple was a large statue of the Buddha and many believers spent hours looking intently at the statue hoping to see what they believe to be the “winning numbers” at the next 4-D draw. Having “seen “ the purported “winning 4-D number” (which was actually their own imagination having stared at the statue for a long time) the believer had to try lifting up a smaller statue of the Buddha  placed on the next table. If the believer could not lift up the smaller statue, he/she would be told that he/she will not be lucky enough to strike the 4-D lottery. That being the case, the believer will be told not to bet on the number which he/she “saw” on the larger Buddha statue.  Conversely, if the believer could lift the smaller Buddha statue, he/she will be told that the Buddha had given his blessings. The temple medium thus collected a lot of donations.

However, my uncle and his friends observed that the temple medium was always seated at a table near the statues. Whenever a believer tried lifting the small Buddha statue, the medium was seen pressing on a switch. Being electricians, my uncle and his friends suspected the medium was doing some tricks. They pushed the medium away from his seat and realised there was an electrical wire connected  to the base of the smaller Buddha statue. One of his friends flipped over the smaller statue and found there was an electromagnet attached to its base. There was an uproar from among the many believers who saw what happened.

The temple medium and his gang fled and were not ever seen again.


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