Our Products

Singapore’s Oldest Medicated Oil and Balm Manufacturer and Singapore’s First and Largest manufacturer of crocodile oil

The Singapore Book of Records confirmed the above statements in a certificate which they awarded to us.

We guard our reputation as a more than century old family business jealously. The formulas of all our products are tightly kept secrets known only to immediate family members.

We ensure the quality of all our products are "best in class" and consistent.

Our prices are always competitive.


Skin Series

Protect and repair your skin with our Skin series products. Traditional solutions for a wide range of skin conditions.



Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

A number of products in our Aromatic & Therapeutic Series will  soothe your muscles, joints  and tired nerves. Quick action and long lasting relief for various aches and pains and bodily discomfort. The other products in our Aromatic & Therapeutic Series will refresh and revive you. All are efficacious and a treat for the senses.



Traditional Remedies Series

Our products  have withstood the test of time and each has a huge following of  loyal users from across generations. Read on to find out which product suits you best.





Most Bak Kut Teh preparations comprise mainly of Angelica sinesis ( Dang Gui/當帰)and Pepper. Chop Wah On's Herbal Bak Kut Teh Wellness Soup comprises a special formulation of selected spices including Star Anise which is a source of shikimic acid for Avian Flu. It is also Carminative (驅風)