Skin Series

Skin Series

Protect and repair your skin with our Skin series products. Traditional solutions for a wide range of skin conditions.


Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100% (華安握手商標鰐魚油)

A natural substance extracted from selected fatty tissue of crocodiles using our special proprietary process . It has been used for centuries by different cultures as a substance for skin conditions.


Wah On Nutmeg Cream (華安爽爽豆蔻膏)

Soothes Pain : Stops Itching  - A good massage and skin cleansing cream that envelopes you with the pleasant & titilating aroma of nutmeg.


Conquer All Demons Tea Tree Rejuvenating Cream (克鬼茶樹囘春膏)

This cream has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It  contains no Salicylic acid which serves to  peel and damage your skin The ingredients in this  product gently penetrate into your skin layers to eliminate the bacteria/fungi/virus.


Gold Crocodile Oil Lip & Skin Protectant( 金鰐魚油唇和皮膚保護劑)

Excellent for  preventing lips and skin from chaffing and drying. Nourishes and refreshes lip and skin with a moisture boost.


Shake Hand Brand Miracle CrocOil Facial Sheet Mask (握手商標奇跡水光鰐魚油面膜 - 天然蠶絲面膜)

Nourishes and moisturises skin. Improves complexion, skin texture and reduces wrinkles. Watch your skin gets firmer, brighter, smoother and more youthful with regular use.


Shake Hand Brand Miracle Lady Cream ( 握手商標貴夫膏-素顏亮婦)

Anti- Wrinkle, Whitens,  Nourishes & Repairs. Witness the improvement in your skin condition, with each passing day of use.


Shake Hand Brand Ti-Tree Oil Max (正新加坡海底鉄樹油)

Ti-Tree Oil Max comprises a  balanced blend of tea tree oil, lemon grass oil , methyl salicylate and camphor to give an excellent topical treatment for a number of skin related problems such as Athlete's foot, eczema, psoriasis, smelly feet and other fungal infections. The potency and effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil is enhanced by the combined effect of lemon grass oil and methyl salicylate as they help penetrate the outer  skin layers gently without damaging it. The Tea Tree Oil eliminates the cause of the infection  from the inner layers of the skin.



Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

A number of products in our Aromatic & Therapeutic Series will soothe and relax your muscles, joints and nerves. Quick action with long lasting effects. The rest of the products in our Aromatic & Therapeutic Series refresh and revive.  All are efficacious and a treat for the senses.



Traditional Remedies Series

Our products  have withstood the test of time and each has a huge following of  loyal users from across generations. Read only to find out which product suits you best.