Strange & Unexplanable But True ; Divine Intervention ?

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Strange & Unexplainable But True – Divine Intervention ?

A few years ago, a relative in Hong Kong was having dinner  when she suddenly started choking and retching . She had just placed a piece of fish into her mouth to chew.   She suspected she might have accidentally swallowed a fish bone and tried coughing to hopefully expel the bone from her mouth/throat. It did not helped.  She tried drinking some water. But each gulp caused her severe pain in the throat. She resorted to an  old -home remedy of swallowing a large lump of rice hoping that it might dislodge whatever bone she may have swallowed from her throat . It also did not helped. Her pain worsened very quickly. Unable to finish her dinner, she rushed to the hospital Accident & Emergency Department to see a doctor. The doctor could not find any bone or other incriminating matter inside her mouth and  throat. To be safe, the doctor ordered an X-ray for her mouth and throat to see if a bone can be found somewhere and referred her to a Consultant Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist.  As the ENT Specialist did not find anything inside her mouth and throat and the X-Ray showed no foreign body she was discharged.

Her condition worsened by the day. In constant pain and unable to sleep well she felt absolutely miserable. Even swallowing her own  saliva caused her much pain. Eating and drinking gave her excruciating pain so much so that she would abstain from eating than eat and suffer. Without proper food and fluid intake, she suffered from dehydration and severe  weight loss. .

A hale and hearty lady before her “accident” she was a shadow of herself in less than a month. At times delirious , she kept asking what had she done wrong to deserve such punishment and even contemplated suicide to end her suffering.

One day she asked to be brought to a  temple near her house. In the temple, she prayed to  Goddess GuanYin  and asked for divine guidance on what she should do. She then took a Divination Lot container (签盦)to ask for a Divine lot (求签) as a guidance. 。 Kneeing before Goddes Guan Yin she said  her prayers earnestly   and requested  Goddess Kwan Im for divine guidance or intervention.  . She started shaking the divination lot container to get a lot to spill out.  Soon a divination lot did spilled out. As she leaned forward to pick up the divination lot from the floor in front of  Goddess Guan YIn's altar, she felt something moved inside her throat. She then cleared her throat to in an attempt to clear whatever phlegm which was   inside her throat. She then put her fingers into her mouth to clear something which seemed to suddenly in her mouth. Much to her surprise it was a large fish bone. All of a sudden all the pain and discomfort in her throat disappeared. She could swallow her saliva without any pain . She was absolutely delighted. Divine intervention ?

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