The Chinatown Boy Who Got Circumcised

Little asian boy crying bitterly at outdoor. Mom comforting to a crying boy.

The Chinatown Boy Who Got Circumcised

Circumcision is normally done on males who are Muslims, Jews and some other races/religions. Some Western parents also believe circumcision is beneficial for their sons. However, among Chinese, circumcision is rarely practised unless they are Muslim-converts  or other groups who believe in its benefits. Thus, when a Chinatown boy got circumcised, it was “Breaking News”.

Ah Low (亚卢) was the son of a neighbour when our shop, Chop Wah On (華安药行) was at No. 67,  Pagoda Street. He was a tough little fellow who could take quite a bit of rough and tumble in his stride. One afternoon, he was heard screaming and crying loudly. It was rather unusual to hear him cry and scream even from our shop which was a few doors away. His mother was seen carrying him and running out of their shop , shouting for help. Within minutes a number of neighbour went to their shop to see what was happening.

Ah Low had his shorts half-zipped. There was blood around the zip. Then it dawned upon everyone that Ah Low had his fore-skin of his little  penis  caught by the zip. His mother tried frantically to dislodge Ah Low’s foreskin  from  the zip. But the more she tried, the worse it got. At the same time, Ah Low was screaming and crying even louder, partly from the pain and partly from the embarrassment that his little dick was seen by all the neighbours.

Some one suggested to send him to Singapore General Hospital (SGH)  Accident & Emergency Department. His father quickly hailed a taxi. Ah Low and his parents quickly got into the taxi and rushed off to SGH. Later in the afternoon, Ah Low came home after his treatment wearing loose pyjamas pants. He was rather sheepish and was not his usual boisterous self.

His parents, told all the neighbours their son had to be circumcised by the SGH doctor to dislodge the zip from his foreskin. It was “breaking news” in the neighbourhood.  Some of the neighbour kids went around teasing Ah Low as the boy with his dick cut.

In a week or so, Ah Low’s circumcision wound hed he was boisterous as ever. The teasing also gradually stopped.



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