The Chinatown Garment Stall Which Out-Sold All The Others


The Chinatown Stall Which Out-Sold All Its Competitors


In the 1960’s three brothers operated a garment stall along Terenganu Street in Chinatown’s  Night Market for about 4 years. The prices of their garments were always lower than those charged by the other stalls. Their goods were definitely of similar quality,if not better. The neighbouring stalls had no way of competing with this stall both in price, quality and range.

Every Chap Goh Meh (15th day of Lunar New Year) they let off a huge string of fire crackers which looped a few times between their room on the 4th floor to the shophouse across the street and  down to the street level. The string of fire crackers took more than an hour to burn off. The paper strewn  from the chain of fire crackers was more than a foot deep. Nobody in Chinatown could match what the 3 brothers did. Not even the Hong Kong Street wholesalers nor  the Chinatown  gambling dens.

How did they do it ? How could they sell their garments at such low prices and yet make good profits for the past years as evidenced by the size of their fire cracker string which grew longer every year?

One morning splashed on the front-pages of Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Jit Poh were reports  that 3 brothers were arrested for breaking into some warehouses along River Valley Road to steal garments and other items. It turned out that the 3 brothers were the Trengganu Street garment stall operators.

It then dawned on all the other Trenganu stall operators how the 3 brothers were able to sell so cheaply. Their goods were free - stolen from others. After their crime came to light, their stall closed and there was no more giant fire crackers for Chap Goh Meh.


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