The Chinatown Nuisance Who Was Taught A Tragic Lesson


The Very Popular Norton Motor-Cycel


The Streets of Chinatown At Night

The Chinatown Nuisance Who Was Taught A Tragic  Lesson


In the 1960s/70’s, the original Singapore Grand Prix was held yearly at the Thomson Road circuit. It drew competitors in both the motor-cycle and racing car races. In the initial years,  British -made Triumph and Norton motor-cycles were often seen participating in the Grand Prix. In later years, the  professional Japanese motor-cycle teams which were sponsored by the Honda and Yamaha motor-cycle companies outshone  the British bikers who were racing as individual owners/enthusiasts.

This did not affect the popularity of  Norton and Triumph motor cycles in Singapore. Their engines gave out a very loud  powerful roar  especially when accelerating. In Chinatown there was a son of a live fish monger who pestered his parents to buy for him a Norton. This good-for-nothing bloke wanted to imitate  the Grand Prix racers. But he had neither the skill nor the guts to race in the Grand Prix. . Instead he  made a nuisance of himself roaring up and down the streets of Chinatown every night. Many Chinatown residents often could not get to sleep because of the din he created nightly. In particular he took delight in sneaking  quietly behind  young ladies who were walking along the Chinatown streets  and then suddenly rev up hs engine  and blasting  his horns to scare the hell out of them. The screams of the ladies was his reward  for his irritating antics. This went on for about a year. 

One night when he was doing his usual rounds in Chinatown, an unknown  group of men set upon him and beat him up mercilessly. They left him seriously injured  in a drain and his beloved Norton was a total wreck.

After his discharge from the hospital a few weeks later  his right arm and leg were paralysed and he  was wheel chair bound. He spoke with a slur and had saliva dripping involuntarily from his mouth.  These were caused by a brain haemorrhage which resulted in  brain damage  and paralysis.

In his state he was not able to have any gainful employment-not that he ever worked since leaving school.  He became a burden to his aged parents. Those who were unsympathetic said he was a nuisance who got his just dessert. The attack change his life for the worse forever. It was a very pain and life-changing lesson for him.

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