The Covid-19 Has Given All A Lemon Of A Situation – Make A Lemonade Out Of It.


The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Given All A Lemon Of A Situation – Make A

Lemonade Out Of It.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2019, mask wearing has become mandatory in Singapore and most other countries in the world. It has been almost 2 years and many are suffering from “mask-wearing-fatigue”. Most of us forced ourselves to keep our masks on, at least whenever we are  seen in public. We cannot wait to take it off at the earliest opportunity. Some are more reactive and rebel against the requirement. They become defiant and refuse to wear their masks. As a result a number  of them got into trouble with the law and were charged in Court.


Most  of us understand and accept that putting on a mask is a good protection for ourselves and is for our own good. Yet,  the mask-wearing-fatigue is too much for some to bear. Why are we feeling so ? Among many other reasons, the difficulty in breathing, the staleness of the mask from our own saliva and nose drip etc are some of the common grounds for objecting to wearing a mask. What can we do ? Trying applying a small amount of Shake Hand Brand Eucalypthol Balm onto the external part of the mask where are nose it. You will immediately feel the cool refreshing and soothing aroma of menthol, eucalyptus oil and other essential oils flowing right through your mask and into your nostril and throat as we take our first few breathes inhaling through the mask with Eucalypthol Balm. What a welcome relief. In fact for many it was an  amazing experience,  turning dreaded drudgery into a pleasant sensation. It keeps you awake.

Make a lemonade out of the Covid-19 pandemic lemon of a situation. You will like it.

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