The Crocodile Oil Business In Singapore – A Brief Commentary


The Crocodile Oil Business In Singapore – A Short Commentary

In the 1970’s, Chop Wah On was  the first Company in Singapore to produce crocodile oil commercially. It was sold under its own registered ‘ Shake Hand Brand’ trade mark. To-date it is  the best -selling in Singapore. This was certified by the Singapore Book of Records.  Many tourists especially those from China and Hong Kong SAR made it a point to visit Singapore to buy crocodile oil. Their favourite and most sought- after brand was Chop Wah On’s Shake Hand Brand. Using its own special proprietary extraction process, Chop Wah On was able to produce its own brand of 100% farm  crocodile oil which proved efficacious for eczema, scalds and burns and as a beauty treatment product. Its raw material is obtained only from certified Cites farms in the region. The many testimonials from customers are the best evidence/proof of the efficacy and effectiveness of Chop Wah On’s Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile. Please either log onto our website : to view the testimonials or  read the hard-copies in our Guest Book.

As to be expected,  in the recent few years many competitors jumped onto the band-wagon to produce their own brand of crocodile oil.  They hoped to get a slice of the market for themselves. . Now there are more than 10 different brands of crocodile oil  in the market in Singapore. Members of the public are urged to be cautious and circumspect when buying crocodile oil because some are down-right fakes  containing not a drop of crocodile oil  as confirmed by the product composition printed on their boxes. . Some are imported by traders who sold their products as “crocodile oil” without the slightest idea if their product was really crocodile oil. Some claim to be made from “wild caught” crocodile. This  is hard to believe because many species of crocodile are protected by Cites. And how many crocodiles can one catch to be able to meet demand ? Some  which lacked the  technical know-how to extract and process  crocodile oil properly, added fragrance  to mask the strong  fishy smell of their crocodile oil. Now, fragrance invariably contains alcohol. For some one with eczema, alcohol applied to the skin  is a definite'no-no'. Another claim expertise in producing crocodile oil because it reared crocodiles. Our answer to this by way of an analogy  is : If you want some good stalks of  vegetables, go to a vegetable farmer ; if you would like to have a good dish of vegetable you go to a restaurant with an experienced chef. Chop Wah On’s more than a century’s experience in producing medicated oil and balm and decades of producing crocodile  oil sets it apart from the competition. Thus despite of the competition, the market still clearly accepts Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Crocodile Oil as the gold standard and the ‘go-for’ preferred  premium product.


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