The Day I Almost Knocked Down A Woman Traffic Police Officer

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 The Day I Almost Knocked Down A Woman Traffic Officer


I used to work in Bugis Junction and usually drove  home from office at around 7 pm. One Friday evening after a tiring week, as usual I drove my car out of the Bugis Junction car park and headed down North Bridge  Road.   My head was throbbing from work-related stress and my eyes felt very tired and hard to keep open. There  was a massive traffic jam along the whole road as my car crawled its way towards the traffic light in front of Bras Basah Complex. There was another car in front of me as we stopped at the traffic light junction.

A few steps away from the traffic light I  saw  a Traffic Policewoman Sergeant (not the one shown in photo above)  in her well-pressed white and blue tunic. She appeared to be listening intently for messages on her ear piece.

At a distance, I saw streams of vehicles moving down Bras Basah Road towards Raffles City. Vehicles behind me started blasting their horns to express their impatience as we were stuck in the stationery queue for some 15 minutes while the traffic policemen were clearing the traffic streaming down from Bras Basah Road.

Just then the traffic light infront of Bras Basah Complex turned “Green”. The car infront of me, very quickly moved off. Following suit, I engaged  my car gear and stepped onto my accelerator without much thought to quickly get pass the ‘Green” traffic light before it changed to “Red”. Just then I saw 2 mobile out-riders raced down from Stamford Road and blocked any car coming from North Bridge Road. They were the advanced party of mobile squad escort for a VIP entourage heading towards Raffles City.  At the same time, the Traffic Policewoman at the Bras Basah Complex traffic light suddenly jumped onto the road and raised her hands frantically to stop all vehicles from moving forward.

She was right in my path and barely two meters away. I slammed onto  my brakes to stop my car from moving forward. The suddenness of the situation sent  adrenalin rushing into my body system. All at once, I was wide awake…. Fortunately. By the time my car came to a total stop the policewoman was barely a foot away from my bonnet. I could see her face was white as a sheet. Me ? I  broke into cold sweat.

What a close shave for both of us. She then staggered forward to sit  on the steps of the Bras Basah Complex – probably to rest her weakened  knees traumatised by shock.  By then it was time for me to drive off.

Driving home, I reflected on the incident. Had I really knocked down the policewoman officer, I will be in deep trouble. No amount of explanation would have helped clear me as an innocent party who had the  right of way and could not stop in time. And while I admired her dedication to  duty, it was certainly foolhardy for her to jump onto my path without caring for her own safety.

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