The Day We Saved A 24-Gangster From Being Attacked By A Dagger Wielding 08-Gangster


The Day We Saved A 24-Gangster From Being Attacked By A Dagger Wielding 08-Gangster



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08-Gangster With Dagger

The Day We Saved 24-Gangster From Being Attacked By A Dagger Wielding 08-Gangster


In 1957, I was in the afternoon session of Pearl’s Hill School. My family lived in our original shophouse at No. 67, Pagoda Street where our shop Chop Wah On was located. My normal daily  routine then was to take my shower at around 11 am, change into my school uniform  and have my lunch in the kitchen  before going to school.

One afternoon while having my usual lunch, a man suddenly rushed in. He stumbled and fell. He quickly picked himself up, rushed into the toilet and locked himself in. My mother shouted angrily  at the man in Cantonese. “Who are you?”. “What are you doing in our house?”.  The man pleaded in reply : “Auntie , I am sorry. I am chased by a rival gang member. He wants to attack me with his dagger. Please help me. Let me hide inside here for a short while. Please don’t drive me out. I will be killed”. “Aiyah, of all the houses, you must come into our house. Perhaps it is fated that we have to help you. Hope there is no trouble”, my mother told the man.

It later emerged that the man was a 24-gang member of the Hokkien Street/Chin Chew Street area. He inadvertently  strayed into Pagoda Street which was controlled by 08-gang/Xiao San Hong gang and was spotted by a rival gang member. He was chased by the 08-gang member for some distance and decided to run into our shop to seek refuge.

In trepidation I opened  the door leading to the back lane to see if there was any one waiting for the 24-gang member. Just then, I saw a man wielding a dagger in his hand rushing past. I quickly slammed the door shut. After waiting for another 20-30 minutes, I took another peek into the back lane and found the coast was clear. My mother then told the man to leave quickly. When he emerged from the toilet, his face was white as a sheet and he had abrasions on his knees suffered when he stumbled and fell earlier.

That day I was late for school for the first time. When my teacher asked why I was late. I could not bring myself to tell her of the incident. She probably would not have believed it. 

The next day a lady  friend of the 24-member came to our shop  to say that he was very grateful for the help given to him. We were also relieved to hear that he managed to make his way back to his territory safely.

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