The Former Metropole Theatre (Now Fairfield Methodist Church) – Some Snippets

Fairfield Methodist Church

The Former Metropole Theatre ( Now Fairfield Methodist Church) – Some Snippets

-Ghost Sighting Rumours

The Metropole Theatre is situated at the junction of Tanjong Pagar Road and Maxwell Road. It was built in 1958. During the first couple of years of its opening there were rumours of it being haunted. A number of cinema patrons reported seeing ghosts while watching the cinema show especially at the front rows of seats. This affected attendance as some chose to patronise The Majestic and The Oriental cinemas, which were also in Chinatown although The Metropole was the newest and most up-to-date then.

Reports of these ghost-sightings in the Chinese  newspapers aggravated the situation. As a counter-measure, the management of The Metropole had to cordon off a few rows of front seats.

As with most rumours this gradually died down after one or two years.


-Lipsynching Incident

Around 1968, a very popular child actress from Hong Kong held a number of performances at The Metropole. She mesmerised the audience with her singing and dancing. Each time it was full-house whenever she appeared. Many patrons were amazed by how she could  entertain with her song and dance  effortlessly.

Then one day it happened. Suddenly, mid- way through her performance, she stopped singing and dancing. The tape recorder had malfunctioned. It stopped playing the song she was singing. Then it was exposed that she was merely lipsynching the songs. The performance was abandoned.

The child actress stopped her appearances from then on.

Metropole Theatre ceased operations in 1985 and was converted to Fairfield Methodist Church.

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