Traditional Remedies Series

Traditional Remedies Series

Our Century Old Proven Formulae For Our Traditional Remedies Series Have Stood The Test Of Time. Each Has A Huge Following Of Loyal Customers From Across Generations. Read On To Find Out Which Product In This Series Suits You Best.


Minyak Gosok Embrocation Conquer All Demons Oil (握手商標華安克鬼油)

For body aches, tiredness, cramps & sprains.


Shake Hand Brand Eucalyptus Embrocation (新加坡華安握手商標白樹油)

Relief of common cold symptoms, stuffy nose, cough, insect bites & stings. A safe disinfectant to keep away ants and other insects.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Genuine Red Flower Oil (新加坡華安握手商標正庒紅花油)

For sprains, bruises, cramps & stiffness.


Shake Hand Brand Rawang Oil ( 握手商標華安栳風油)

For pain in lumbago, cramps, stiff muscles etc


Minjak Gosok Ruman Obat Chop Wah On (萬應莪術油)

For flatulence, stomach ache, scalds & burns , cuts and bleeding. Used as a massage or foot reflexology oil. Suitable for children.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Citronella Oil (握手商標華安香茅油)

A  natural mosquito and insect repellent. Suitable for use as a body massage and foot reflexology oil. Luxuriate in the aroma of citronella oil.


Wah On Nutmeg Embrocation (新加坡華安荳寇油)

For relief of stomach wind/flatulence, cramps, chapping and skin irritations.


Skin Series

Protect and repair your skin with our Skin series products. Traditional solutions for a wide range of skin conditions.



Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

A treat for the senses. Our Aromatic and Therapeutic products soothe your muscles, joints  and tired nerves.  . Bring quick relief for various aches and pains and bodily discomfort.