The Snatch Thief Who Swallowed His Loot

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The Snatch Thief Who Swallowed His Loot


Ah Hung  ( 亚杏) was a snatch thief who operated in Chinatown in the 1960’s. He targeted ladies who wore gold chains and carried handbags. One day, he snatched the gold chain from the neck of an Indian lady who was shopping in Chinatown.  The Indian lady, whose husband was a senior Police officer, shouted for help and pursued the snatch thief on foot through a number of streets and back lanes in Chinatown.  Soon the Police Reserve Unit arrived to join in the hunt.

Before long, Ah Hung (亚杏) was cornered and arrested. The Police officers did a thorough body search of him but could not find the gold chain which he had  snatched from the Indian lady. They also searched the scene for the gold chain, but to no avail.

Under intense interrogation, Ah Hung (亚杏) confessed that he had accidentally swallowed the gold chain which he put inside his mouth while trying to escape from the Indian lady. He was sent to the hospital where he was made to purge out the gold chain.

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