Repaying Debt From Past Life ?

Johnny Ang

Repaying A Debt From Past Life ?

When I was with Parco Bugis Junction, I was introduced to famous mouth artist, Mr. Johnny Ang by a mutual friend. I invited them to lunch at Inter-Continental Hotel. My wife, children and mother were also at the lunch. Johnny came with his friend Ms. Chia.

Being totally paralysed from neck down, Johnny had to be driven by Ms. Chia  from his home in Chinatown to Bugis Junction and then brought in a wheel chair to the restaurant. Ms. Chia had to break up his food into bite-size and fed it to him patiently. To aid his food digestion, she had to massage Johnny’s abdomen in-between spoonsful of food.

The mutual friend said Ms. Chia worked with Port of Singapore Authority and every lunch time would drive from her office to Chinatown to have lunch with Johnny. She also washed and cleaned him. Inspite of all the very devoted help and self-less  service, it seemed Johnny had a foul temper and would at times blared at Ms. Chia.

After the lunch, my mother  (she passed away at the ripe of old age of 96 in 2019.) commented from her perspective as a Buddhist, that perhaps Ms. Chia was repaying a debt she owed Johnny in their past lives. True ? Not true ?

Repaying Debt From Past Life?

Singapore’s famous mouth painter Mr Johnny Ang passed away in September2012. I recalled inviting him and his volunteer  helper, Ms J. Chia to lunch at the Inter-Continental Hotel. My family including my late mother were also at the lunch.

Johnny Ang, some may recall was paralysed from neck down,  from  the age  18, after a diving accident. Overcoming his disability, Johnny became  an accomplished mouth artist.

Ms.  Chia drove him to Inter-Continental Hotel and brought him in his wheel chair to the lunch venue. She patiently cut the food into bite sizes to feed him and massaged his tummy to help him digest his food more properly before she ate her food.  I was told that everyday  Ms. Chia who worked for  Port of Singapore Authority would drive to Johnny’s home in Chinatown to get him his lunch. She was described as “more than Johnny’s arms and legs”.  Yet, from the friend who introduced me to Johnny, it seemed he had a quite a bad temper. He some times  scolded her for no good reasons. Her care and patience in attending to Johnny was highly admirable.

My mother (who passed away on 3 April 2020)  from her Buddhis perspective said Ms. Chia was repaying a debt she owed Johnny in their past lives. Perhaps there could be some truth in it. Her devotion to helping him was exemplary and was certainly not driven by financial gains as Johnny was not a rich man.

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