The Power & Impact of Fear


The Power & Impact of Fear

Fear is a phenomenon present in both animals and Man. It is part of the “fight or flight’ survival  instinct in which an animal or Man will either stay to fight the attacker or takes flight from the attacker. When confronted by an attacker or danger , the  human body is stimulated to produce adrenalin which gives Man the extra strength and stamina to either stay to fight or make an escape. With adrenalin in in the blood, a person  acquires extra ordinary power.

However when over-powered by fear, an animal or Man will freeze and become largely incapable of making any escape or to fight the attacker or escape from the dangerous situation .

When our late father was in the animal trading business there was an occasion when he had an order for large pythons from his overseas buyers. He managed to procure 6 very large pythons. Each was more than 3 metres long and their girth was larger than that of thigh of an adult. While waiting for shipment dates these pythons which were kept  inside huge wooden crates, were fed with live chicken  on alternate days.

Once a chicken got thrown into the wooden crate it very quickly froze and became  immobilized as a result.  We are not sure. It could be the mere sight or smell of the python which affected the chicken. The python will then swallow the chicken whole.  Some times the if  pythons did not eat the chicken., the  workers will  retrieve the chicken from the wooden crates. It was noticed that the chickens were never able to walk again. It  was perhaps too  traumatised.  That, is the power and impact of fear.

Fear overcame my Auntie when her daughter was lost in Chinatown. (Plse see Girl Who Won't Take Red Bean Soup story). She could not step  over an inch-high water-hose which was in her way. Her fear of losing her daughter traumatised her to such an extent. She had to be helped to step over the water hose reel by a relative who saw her predicament.

On the other hand a cousin who was  once pursued by a group of gangsters, managed to leap over a car to run off from being attacked when he emerged from a cinema hall.

How one would respond in face of fear is hard to predict.


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